Who We Are

Prohibition Farms™ 

“Prohibition” what comes to mind when you think of prohibition?

What comes to our minds is the war on drugs & useless violence and also families being ruined kids without parents from serving time in prison.

Prohibition’s lessons were learned at a much earlier time. We banned alcohol and it raised a group of smart smugglers / gangsters and drove demand up. Why should we make the same mistake twice?

We believe that Cannabis is nothing to be afraid of but instead celebrated. We as humans have been using this plant for 1000’s of documented years as medicine. Cannabis is one of the safest plants out there and grown with care and attention.

Our philosophy is simple, no pesticides or sprays of any sort !!! We keep it simple and let the Pheno’s selected do the growing. Our flowers are grown in Rockwool with PH up, PH down and nutrients perfectly dosed with dosatron controls. 

Our chief cultivator hand selects what he deems best for pain or to sleep or something fresh to start your day.

We stand behind our flower and Guarantee that it’s one of the cleanest on the market. Coming to a legal market near you soon.