Terms And Conditions






The patient, and/or the individual responsible for the patient (if applicable), must agree to the following:


1 – I will use cannabis only for my own medical purposes.


2 – I will absolutely not sell, share, or give away any cannabis products to anyone, for any reason.


3 – I will not open or use any cannabis products within 100 meters of any inappropriate locations such as schools, playgrounds, or community centers.


4 – I will ensure that all cannabis products in my possession will be kept in a safe and secure location, and will be out of the reach and view of children at all times.


5 – I am aware that cannabis can interact with other medications.


6 – I am aware that smoking any substance (including cannabis) can cause harm and medical complications to my breathing and respiratory system. I am also aware that there are safer methods of use available (edibles, vaporizing, etc).


7 – I am aware that ingesting a high dose of cannabis can cause nausea and disorientation.


8 – The indications, safety and risks of cannabis use have not been adequately studied and the appropriate dosage is unclear. Patient, and caregiver (if applicable), acknowledge(s) that any medical cannabis product obtained from Prohibition Farms is done so at their own risk and I release(s) Prohibition Farms along with its directors, officers and employees from any and all actions, claims, complaints, and demands for damages, theft, loss or injury whatsoever arising directly or indirectly as a consequence of the use of medicinal cannabis products. 


9 – I am aware that possession of cannabis products from any source other than a licensed producer, your authorizing health care practitioner, your personal use production license, or your designated producer, does not fall within the boundaries of the current legal authorization program.


10 – I will not disclose to anyone, any privileged information or any information or trade secrets that I may acquire or be made aware of through my interactions with this company.


11 – I will use all any and all products obtained from this company at my own risk, and I am by no means attempting to gather information of any kind to be against any of the parties working with or associated with this company in any way.


12 – I understand that Prohibition Farms can revoke a patient’s membership, and deny access to any products, at any time, for any reason including but not limited to violating any of the above rules and regulations.