Flue Gas # 14 – 1/2 Pound “Fresh Drop” AAAA-



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Batch Date – April 13th 2022

Flue Gas. Bred by Prohibition Genetics and grown by @prohibition_cultivation . Created by combining (Secret Cookies x Kush Mints 11) x XOLBG strains. It looks loud and terps are loud of pure gas definitely grabs your attention.

Where does one even start to describe this experience. To start will say we are currently the luckiest guys out there. To be the first to taste a new strain we created in house is definitely a dream come true. 

Being this is the first time growing her we will try to do our best to describe her for you. From the second you open the bag the smell hits you in the face with a sweet candy / gas terps that makes you smile. A close Friend said “ Smells like straight 94 octane / race gas “. 

When you get a good look at the bud structure you think this is to pretty to bust up. That only lasts a minute till your mouth is watering and your putting the buds in the grinder. 

Before lighting the joint we took few dry pulls off the joint, the taste that envelops your mouth is amazing. Once lit it smokes and taste so sweet and delicious, leaving mouth watering and lusting to light another. Flue Gas is a keeper. 

Prohibition Notes

Buds are small to large in size

Buds are caked in resin

Terps are of gas and berries

High slightly indica leaning


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